Monday, June 13, 2005

MJ Set Free

MJ has gotten of the hook. I feel too sick to even rant about this.

I just try to ignore it all. Aside from annterest in seeing the law followed that I think we all share, I really couldn't care less about Michael Jackson. He's a freakazoid and will wind up broke and in jail or an asylum.

My source of irritation is that the BM makes a circus out of some of these cases. The law shouldn't be a source of ratings or amusement. Instead of taking on the serious issue of pedophelia, the BM turned this into a protracted freak show.

Easy for you both to ignore it. I'm here in loony California! OJ,Blake,now MJ. Who's next??
It's sad to think that Michael will continue to "sleep with" children whom he invites. Parents who send their kids to Neverland will think that only "innocent" things will happen there. Michael will continue to open himself up to allegations
I'll bet he shuts down Neverland because he's broke and never sleeps with another child again
For me the worst thing about this is that a criminal who was rich enough to be able to hire "dream team" style lawyers got away with abusing children. It follows in the foot steps of OJ & Blake.

The other grating thing about this is that some "parents" allowed their children to go to "sleep" with a an adult man. Why were they not put into the nut house? Parents like them make me want to require people to get a permit before having kids.

We need to reform our legal system & our child protection services system.
Hi Republican Vet. Welcome to my blog. I wish I could agree with you on his never sleeping with a child again. Pedophelia is a crime with one of the highest recidivism rates.

And if the ACLU had their way, teaching people to lure children & "rape & escape" would be legal. How long do you think it'll be before MJ is NMBLA's spokesperson?
Thanks for visiting. You have a great blog.
People must let go. They have far too much time on their hands or are emotionally troubled to sit outside courthouses for weeks, set doves free on judgement day, or watch 24/7 Jacko trial coverage.

Except for those wackos, Jacko will fade away, a pathetic Elvis like character(in reverse).
It used to be said that truth was the ultimate defence, now it seems to be money.

It looks like the jury came to their decision based on a dislike of the childs mother, rather than evidence or the conclusion that Jacko was very likely a child molester.

A 46 year old man sleeping with other peoples children, and you don't think Jacko is a pervert? Only in California!

Perhaps the parents of these children should be prosecuted instead? How many of them can afford top lawyers?
Hi snappy mackey, & welcome to my blog. Yes, you are right that Jacko will fade away. Nonetheless, I think it is sad that a criminal got away.

Ahoy there shipwrecked, nice to see you again. It is outrageous that justice can be bought these days.
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