Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Liberties Enjoyed by the ACLU, Part II

Yet again, the ACLU is allowed to enjoy liberties that they wish to deny for the rest of us.

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico suspended its Las Cruces chapter Monday after learning that a member of the group's board was heading the formation of a Minuteman-style organization in New Mexico.....
"We will not tolerate racism and vigilantism in the leadership structure of our organization,'' Mitchell said. "They are repugnant to the principles of civil liberties and the mission of the ACLU.''....
"Las Cruces has a large number of passionate, committed civil libertarians,'' he said. "The ACLU intends to work with them to protect all people's civil liberties, regardless of their race, national origin or immigration status.''

So, it acceptable for those who singed up for the military to desert or refuse to carry out orders as "Conscientious Objectors", but is unacceptable for members of the ACLU to belong to organizations of their choosing & participate in activities they believe in.

Wouldn't it be more accurate for the ACLU to say, "protect the civil liberties of all people who agree with us", rather than, "protect all people's civil liberties". Because I'm pretty sure that Clifford Alford counts as a person, & they are not protecting his rights, they're violating them.

HAT TIP: Stop the ACLU

They are almost like a government in waiting. Like their commie pals, it's a matter of do as we say not as we do.

The ACLU stopped acting in the interests of freedom a long while ago. Now, like movements such as Amnesty International, they follow their own political agenda, which appears to be the overthrow of western democracy. Bit by bit they attempt to weaken and discredit everything that has been achieved.
Shipwrecked is right. One of the dirty little secrets about the ACLU is that it was started by the same bunch of people who started the Communist Party of the USA. Gives you a real good feeling that they are for baseball, apple pie, and Mom, doesn't it?
Yes, the fact that they were started by Pinkos says it all. Their "do as we say not as we do" is typical of the Modern Left, but we need to get used to it. I just hope that some of the "good" organizations on the Left (like the ADL) do not stray from the correct path. Amnesty has noble intentions, but obviously their agenda is now purely anti-Bush, thus anti-american, too. Quite sad. Stop the ACLU is a great site, as are any sites that expose hypocrisy.
The left constantly cries about oppression, especially the MaCarthy era hearings, but if they were all that oppressed, how did the ACLU, which is openly Socialist, survive that time?

Organizations like the ACLU & AI are unfortunately too publicity hungry to do any real good.

Despite their accusations that bussineses do not act in the public interest,as they are driven by the profit motive, they forget that they too are money driven. They must act in a manner by which they can attract the most donations, to survive fiscally & they must act in a manner by which they can attract the most publicity, in order to maintaine their image. In the end, all organizations act in their own behalf.
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