Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Laws to Protect Islam Harm Women

Stephania makes an excellent point, laws that prevent people from criticizing Islam are not only unfair & undemocratic, but they harm secular Muslims. These laws have a particularly harmful impact on women who wish to speak openly of their suffering under Sharia law.

Hey, it's all freedom of religion, don't you know? The same courts that will uphold sending a schoolkid home for DARING to bring a Bible to school would never DREAM of interfering with a Muslim's rights to beat his own daughter to death or treat his wife like a domestic animal. How dare you suggest such a thing?

(rolls eyes)
The more I learn about Islam, the less I like it. Islam and democracy do not mix. Islam is about domination, not diversity. we should not make concessions to a failed society, that makes few concessions to the twenty first century.
The double standard is something isn't it.
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