Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kerry's Grades No Better Than Bush's

MSM bias is laid bare, as recent revelations of John Kerry's college transcript shows that the supposedly more intellectual Kerry's Yale GPA was a 76, while W's was 77. How they got these averages is also important, Kerry's four D's during his freshman year were for geology, two history courses and a political science course. These are subjects important to a future president. W's lowest grade, in contrast, was for a 69 (D) for astronomy, & his highest grades, 88(B+) were for anthropology, history & philosophy. Guess who passed the global test?

Not to mention the fact that intellectuals often make the worst leaders simply because they are unable to make decisions. The only thing they are sure about is ambiguity.
"Intellectual" presidents often have oral fixations - consider Franklin Roosevelt (who liked to smoke) and Clinton (who likes cigars, but not necessarily for smoking purposes).
But Kerry understands NUANCE! And he speaks FRENCH!!! He hobnobs with foreign leaders at restaurants in New York City!!!! And maybe you don't know it, but he served it Vietnam!


Ann Coulter has written about 'smart' democrats and 'dumb' Republicans. It's really amazing: when you start looking at actual grades and test scores, suddenly geniuses like Al Gore and John Kerry don't look that much smarter than morons like George W. Bush.

Go figure.
I've posted over at Partial Transcripts on the idiocy of many intellectuals.
Even I would never have guessed this. But it is telling. The overarching question is, though, how did the (LIBERAL) Media keep this quiet for over 30 years? The answer lies in my paretheses.
Ari, you make a great point with how the liberal media will portray this in the future.
Roosevelt thretened to stack the Supreme Court, intimidated opponents & was cruel to his wife, & yet we don't see the MSM harping on that.
And forget about Kennedy. Vietnam was HIS war, he brought us to the brink of nuclear war, botched the Bay of Pigs & won a rigged election possibly using mob money. Let's not even get started on how he treated his wife.

Sorry I didn't realize that you had another blog too Ari. I will link to it ASAP.
As Jim & Aaron point out, sometimes nuance is not a good thing, particularly if your job involves having to lead & take action , rather than be an armchair critic.

Yes, Gore was a C student too, even though the MSM didn't make such a huge fuss about it.

Matt, what can I say? I am sure Freud would have an explanation for that ;)
I'm amazed Bush did so well at College. When he speaks he doesn't sound as intelligent as his grades would indicate. Bush wasn't too good at running businesses either. Should we expect him to be good at running the country?
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