Friday, June 24, 2005


What can the government do & what can it not do, according to SCOTUS? Cassandra has a list.

State & local governments may:

1) seize homes

2) order the death of innocent sick people based on the word of a spouse

3) impose confiscatory taxation and regulation

4) invert the definition of marriage and force other states to recognize such inversions

5) violate the second amendment

6) violate the first amendment with so-called hate crimes legislation

But, state and local governments may not:

1) Prohibit or regulate abortion, even for those babies whose birth is imminent

2) permit or recognize the practice of religion on state property

3) avoid the requirements of the Federal labor laws for municipal employees

I'd like to add a few more to the list of things that governments may not do:

1) Protect the borders of the United States of America

2) Bar the entrance of & deport aliens who wish to harm the people of America

3) Defend the history of this country

More reasons why we need to stop judicial activism & support the appointment of sensible judges.

Which is the bigger crime. That the Supreme Court makes up the law as it goes along, usurping State Law as well as the Constitution, or Congress, that sits back and lets it happen?
That is a good question, but here is another.

Which is worse - when the Court usurps power, or when the Court washes its hands and lets other branches of the government (and the states) do it? Roe v. Wade is an example of the first and Kelo is an example of the second.
Hi, Cassandra & welcome. I believe I answered your excellent question via email.

Shipwrecks, your point is also duely noted. The Supreme Court has not been behaving within the parameters defined by the Constitution.
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