Monday, June 27, 2005

Identity Theft & Outsourcing

Here is an update of the post on identity theft & outsourcing. It appears that the assurances given by companies, that confidential information is not made available to its staff is false. While a majority of the Indian staff cannot open the databases, those in managerial positions or are technically proficient can, "open the interface where the data is stored, copy it and take it home", the manager said. "I have never accessed it, but if I wanted to I could. If the data is stored here the tech guys can get to it too."

Scary isn't it? But, I am not surprised. If hackers can access company databases from their bedrooms, why can they not access restricted zones in their own LAN? You can't have people conduct account transactions without their having access to account information.

Those are not the only problems with these call centers:
Call centers typically ask for three references for new employees but managers say that the rules are often bent, for example if a prospective employee is referred by a
current worker or if a referee is unavailable. The high turnover of staff also
results in laxer hiring practices and poor workforce loyalty.
Despite the institutions concerned in this incident being British, such a scenario is not impossible at an American run call center. We must demand that measures be taken to protect our identities.

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