Friday, June 24, 2005

European & American Funding For Terror

An incredibly disturbing report has just come to my attention. It's not just Saudi Arabia & the Friends & Relatives of Saddam that's funding Iraq's terrorists, the Euro-left is at it too.
Turns out that far-left groups in western Europe are carrying on a campaign
dubbed Ten Euros for the Resistance, offering aid and comfort to the
car bombers, kidnappers, and snipers trying to destabilize the fledgling Iraq
government. In the words of one Italian website, Iraq Libero (Free Iraq), the funds are meant for those fighting the occupanti imperialisti. The groups are an odd collection, made up largely of Marxists and Maoists, sprinkled with an array of Arab emigres and aging, old-school fascists, according to Lorenzo Vidino, an analyst on
European terrorism based at The Investigative Project in Washington, D.C. "It's
the old anticapitalist, anti-U.S., anti-Israel crowd," says Vidino, who has been
to their gatherings, where he saw activists from Austria, Denmark, Germany, and
Italy. "The glue that binds them together is anti-Americanism." The groups are
working on an October conference to further support "the Iraqi Resistance." A
key goal is to expand backing for the insurgents from the fringe left to the
broader antiwar and antiglobalization movements.
Wow, & I was going to write a post today about how I thought the Europeans would stop acting like adolescents soon. Shows you how naive I was. But, had I devoted thought to the issue, I would have remembered that Marxism is still romanticized by some in Europe, just as it is here. Giuliana Sgrena was a reporter for Il Manifesto, a Communist newspaper.

Our own government is also unwittingly funding terrorism. Money given to the West Bank and Gaza by the U.S. Agency for International Development for city & university development is siphoned off into groups like Hamaz.
In the last year, USAID gave $41 million to Palestinian universities, including
five with prominent Hamas and Islamic Jihad chapters that receive money due to
their standing as student organizations.

These groups also recruit suicide bombers from their university chapters.

Money makes the world go 'round & we need to pay more attention to who sends what. The article does not state the course of action the Italian government intends to pursue regarding these groups. I'd like to know what our government is going to do about them too.

HAT TIP: The Conservative Rant, lgf

NY Girl: Writing about how the Europeans are going to stop acting like adolescents would be equivalent to saying kids shouldn't act like kids. It goes against the laws of nature.
'Adolescents' is about the best description of them I could imagine. One might add adjectives like 'horribly spoiled' or 'totally ungrateful', but adolescents really covers the bases.

File this story under 'Cut off your nose to spite your face.'
Now I know.
Hit the Europeans by not buying their products. No French or Italian wine, for example. No vacations to countries that oppose us either. Best still, exile Michael Jackson to Europe.
Wow shipwrecked, you have a truely evil mind. Not that I'm complaining :) I'm all for shipping Wako Jacko to Europe.
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