Thursday, June 23, 2005

Begins With an "I" & Ends With "slam"

"The problem is that we let religious people say stunningly false things and we consider it rude to question those beliefs,” says Flemming. “But we should be shunning those people." “If that sounds intolerant, that's the point,” he adds. "I'm not tolerant of suspending reason."

So said Brian Flemming when promoting his film. To which religion is he refering to here, Christianity of course. Would he say the same about about, say.......a religion which begins with an "I" & ends with "slam"?

HAT TIP: SwineBass

Christianity is the only religion he can criticise without being attck by believers. Christians should stand up and complain like other faiths, and have some organisation like the ADL to act as a pitbull.
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