Thursday, June 02, 2005


I asked for ideas on the 2008 Republican nominee in La Shawn's comment section. The names that came up were, George Allen (gov of Virginia), Mitt Romney(gov. of Massachusetts) & Condi Rice. I don't know a lot about governor Allen, so I won't comment on him, but Mitt Romney & Condi Rice are definitely on my list too. A commenter mentioned that Gov. Romeny being a Mormon, might count against him, & he is right, as the articles I've linked to shows. But, declaring your self a Christian makes you a target for attacks too. The illiberal liberals will attack him, but what else is new, they'll attack the Republican candidate anyway. However, I doubt that the sensible right wingers & undecideds will be so prejudiced. If Mr. Romney were to articulate his positions & show himself to be worthy of our trust, he should not have any problems.

Dr. Rice, she is the dream candidate isn't she? (full disclosure: if I got the chance to have lunch with any famous person in the world, it would be her) I personally can't find anything to fault her with. She has carries her self with rare poise & lends a great deal of dignity to her office & she has brains oozing out of her ears. She is cool under fire & suffers no fools. Of course, as the commenter mentions, she has said that she will not run, but, you never know, things can change. The other relevant point is her lack of professional political experience, that is she has yet to run for an elected office. This is a problem, but what if she were to seek a senate seat at the end of this term & then, in either 2012 or 2016, seek the White House. She is young enough to do so & I for one hope so.

A lot of people have touted the idea of Condi for president. Based on what I know about her, I think it's a great idea. Brains, poise, and a take-no-s*** attitude is just what we need in the White House.
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