Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Why I won't watch Revenge of the Sith

It is truly a shame when people abuse their positions. If a politician, say the Congress person, were to use his office to publicize a their acting career by talking about his skills as an actor & movies he was featured on, rather than speak of his stands on the political issues which he was elected to deal with, would we not be outraged. If every time he was asked for an interview, he dedicated much of it to the exploits of his acting career, rather than his political one? Would it not be considered an abuse of power?
Yet, celebrities of all sorts from actors to directors to models feel free to routinely use the public forum they are offered to rub our faces in their political views. They seem to fail to realize that they are popular as entertainers & that this popularity is not a license to dictate to masses on the proper way to think. Fame & money appear to have a terrible affect on these people & turn them into arrogant know it alls above the rules that apply to others. Why is it is wrong for President Bush to refer to Jesus in his speeches, but it is acceptable for Liberals to refer to their political beliefs in movies & the interviews about them?
If these people are as truly interested in politics as they say they are, why do they not run for political office. The governor of California certainly did not use his acting career to promote his personal ideology. He worked for his personal beliefs by running for political office.
Sadly George Lucas has joined the club. While I am a Star Wars fan & had looked forward to this latest movie, I will not be watching it. I am tired of the Hollywood bias.

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