Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Silver Screen Blues

Oh they had it coming. Didn't they get after The Passion? We are sick & tired of hate-America-first movies. Seems that American audiences did not find Kingdom of Heaven all that heavenly, nor did they stampede into the theaters for Troy at the expected rates and the NYT wonders why? News flash NYT! It's not DVD sales that's killing movie attendance, it's the content of the movies.
Troy takes digs at President Bush & the Iraq war with quips about how religion causes defeats in war & by styling Achilles as a grunt soldier. Anyone who has read the Aeneid knows that they got the whole thing wrong. The Trojan War was caused by the Gods from beginning to end & the outcome was preordained by the Fates, but of course the studios decided not to have any mention of any of that. I strongly suspect that the only reason Troy raked in as much as it did was because of Brad Pitt in a short skirt. I hate to admit it, but even I fell for it (watched the damn thing five times).
And from the reviews I've read of the Kingdom Of Heaven, it too toes the line.

Crusades expert Jonathan Riley-Smith says it’s basically “Osama bin Laden’s version of History.”

Naturally, CAIR et al are thrilled, but as Hollywood would do well to learn, special interest groups do not represent the majority of us. Bias is not profitable.

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