Friday, May 13, 2005

Salute to A Hero

It never cease to amaze me how some people think with their hearts when most us would be thinking with our feet. Even while their lives are in danger, some people look out for those of others. Sgt. William Bailey, 29, of Logan Utah is a fine example. When he noticed that the kids in his area don't have good shoes on their feet, he decided to do something about it by using money from a humanitarian fund set up by his commander.
He & his unit gave away 800 pairs of shoes to grateful kids in remote areas of northeastern Iraq.
Dashnei Ali Mohammed, 13, also selected a black pair, but then switched to orange. It was hard to tell if she was happier about her new footwear or having the chance to mingle with Americans for the first time.
“I never thought they would be this kind,” she said through an interpreter.

Thank-you Sgt. Bailey & the Battery B, 1st Battalion, 148th Field Artillery unit for fighting terror & winning hearts & minds. Way to go guys!

HAT TIP: Michelle Malkin

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