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There is a huge brouhaha about military recruiters. Liberals allege that they prey on vulnerable young people. They say the kids recruiters go for are too young to make that kind of decision. There have been many incidents of people harassing military recruiters, even though we need a military to exist as a country, particularly after 9/11. But, interestingly enough, no one is making a fuss about gay recruiters.
Yes, yes, of course they don`t call themselves recruiters, but that is what they do. They claim to offer information, a safe place for kids to explore themselves. But, they use the same tactics, attractive flyers & web sites, favorable presentation of information about their group, telling kids how much fun it is, how cool it is, how safe it is. Why is it so wrong for military recruiters to help kids explore their inner warrior? The military life style can benefit some young people a lot.
And what about other lefty groups, such as the hate-America-first crowd, peace activists, envirofacists, radical feminists & the like. They always emphasize the importance of reaching the young. There are many teachers, who, from the safety of their classrooms, recruit kids into an ideology & life style that can have devastating consequences.
Of course they claim that students join these organizations by approaching them of their own accord. But, then why do organizations like greenpeace, need employees like this. Note the highlighted portions, they specifically mention recruiting (I apologize for the long post, but I wanted to have this in case they take if off their website). College undergrads are right out of high school & not much more mature, so why is it OK to recruit them into lefty organizations, but not the military?

Greenpeace >
About Us >
Student Organizer (Contract Position)
The Student Organizer is responsible for moblizing student activists and coalitions in key regions or nationally on priority Greenpeace campaigns. The position will last from June 1 through December 2, 2005.
San Francisco, CA or Washington, D.C.
United states
The position includes:
Working on Kimberly-Clark campaign;
Running regional, local and national student activist trainings;
Mentoring, training and mobilizing student activists to take action on campaigns and building their groups;
Serving as the day-to-day contact between Greenpeace and student activists; and
Managing specific short-term projects, including trainings, mobilizations for joint Greenpeace/Greenpeace International mobilizations or others as they arise.The student organizer will report to the Grassroots Manager. In the absence of the Grassroots Manager, the campaigner will report to the campaign director. Greenpeace field organizers are expected to move between issues and campaigns as needed, focusing work toward the priority issue campaign.

The Greenpeace Field Team:
The Greenpeace Field Team was created to provide grassroots capacity to win campaigns; increase Greenpeace's national profile with community presence across the country; identify, activate and train a diverse constituency for Greenpeace in the United States and help build a diverse next generation of leaders and activists in the environmental movement.

The department is currently divided into two sections:
Student Organizing - The student organizing program includes organizers who work with Greenpeace and other activists on campuses. Greenpeace provides week-long summer trainings and a semester-long organizing academy for college students. Internet Organizing - The Internet Organizing program provides tools to our activists and mobilizes online activists to take action on the ground.
1. Build a grassroots base of on-the-ground Greenpeace activists, establish relationships with other grassroots organizations and develop strong issue-focused coalitions in a specified region of the country.
Recruit and work with at least 20 student activists with a grassroots base to work on Greenpeace campaigns;
Manage day to day contact with student grassroots activists and select allied groups;
Provide weekend and week-long trainings and skillshares for key Greenpeace and coalition organizers;
Organize and oversee the work of campaign volunteers and interns;
Maintain contact management systems and update contact information in Greenpeace databases regularly; and
Work in project teams to analyze innovative grassroots and fundraising models that Greenpeace can test and possibly implement.2. Implement and manage grassroots campaigns in select parts of the country
Oversee and enable student activist involvement in Greenpeace campaigns;
Achieve agreed-upon campaign objectives through grassroots organizing;
Maintain a working knowledge of general information about Greenpeace's campaigns and be able to present the information to a variety of audiences in language they can understand.
Maintain a working knowledge of the political, legislative, regulatory and economic framework relevant to priority campaigns.
Write, or assist in writing press releases and in planning media strategies. Act as spokesperson for the organization.
Represent Greenpeace and the priority campaign at public events, grassroots activists groups and in the environmental community at large.3. Work with Grassroots Manager and in some cases with assigned project teams to design and implement projects and campaigns to mobilize strategic constituencies around Greenpeace goals. This will require that the student organizer:
Engage top Greenpeace activists in the tactical planning component of Greenpeace grassroots campaigns;
Develop or assist in the development of fact sheets and other public information for the purpose of mobilizing Greenpeace and other activists.4. Liaise with the Communications web team, Development Team, and Issue Campaigns on issues concerning outreach to activists.5. Perform other job related duties as requested or assigned by the campaign coordinator and/or director.
Education commensurate with job responsibility.
BA/BS Degree preferred or equivalent experience.
A minimum of two years experience as a grassroots organizer
Proven ability to work both independently and in close coordination with a team
Well-rounded individual with ability to work with a variety of people and groups
Proven experience in directing a project from conception to completion
Experience in campaign planning
Strong skills and experience in key campaigning areas: public speaking, activist training, strategic planning and organizing people around an issue
Basic grassroots organizing skills
Activist training skills
Strong communication skills, both written and oral
Public speaking skills
Problem solving skills
Analytical skills
Ability to travel
Proven leadership
Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred
Commitment to non-violence as a means of affecting change
Knowledge of environmental issues or the desire to learn
Contact information
Please send cover letter, resume and salary requirements to:
Ms. Toni WrightGreenpeace USA702 H Street, NWSuite 300Washington, D.C. 20001
or e-mail: resumes@wdc.greenpeace.orgPlease include "Student Organizer" in the subject line of your e-mail.
No phone calls, please.
Review our competitive benefits package.

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