Monday, May 23, 2005

One Strike Laws

In order to flourish & ensure it's future, any society must ensure the well-being of it's children. We have done a terrible job of it so far, too many children are left vulnerable to the brutalities of madmen. We as a society continue to tolerate the existence of organizations like NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association, & organizations like the ACLU, which allow & defend such atrocities in addition to destroying the social customs & institutions which exist mainly to nurture & protect the young.
There have been recent efforts to attack this problem through movements such as the push for Megan's Law's through the country. Unfortunately, this is clearly not enough. Mark Lunsford, the father of 9 year old Jessica, who was kidnapped from her own bed & brutally sexually assaulted & murdered, is pushing for a "one strike law", similar to the three strikes law.
Why, isn't that too harsh? Not when you consider the facts.
The U.S. Department of Justice has indicated that "the average child molester," as if any such two-legged monster that could be considered "average," commits 380 acts of child molestation during his lifetime. A 1992 study in one state looked at almost 800 child molesters and rapists who had completed psychiatric treatment as part of their sentence, and noted that these "graduates" were arrested more often for new sex crimes than were those who had not been treated. An international study found a 43% rate of "known" recidivism among child molesters, with the more violent the offense, the greater the chance for repeat behavior, while another study indicated that a group of less than 250 known child molesters had admitted to attempting over 55,000 molestations involving almost 20,000 victims. And finally, California Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth indicated that there were 33,000 sexually violent felons missing or unaccounted for in that state, a sure recipe for future crimes against children and others.
The man who killed little Jessica was 46-year John Evander Couey, a man with a prior conviction as a sexual predator. His colorful history includes many insistence of inappropriate behavior towards children which dates back decades, in addition to his over-all criminal record. And, yet thanks to the machinations of lawyers, this animal walked the streets freely.
The words of Westley Allan Dodd at his being sentenced to death for the brutal torture and murder of three young boys,
"If I do escape, I promise you I will kill and rape again, and I will enjoy every minute of it."
Despite the high cost of incarceration, we must see to it that these people are put & kept in jail, because the cost of their freedom is much higher.

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