Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The New New York Times

Scott Ott answers the question, why MSM editors so clueless. His report might also explaine the seemingly suicidal behavior of the NYT as of recently. I had always thought that the corporate boards which own news outlets try to make them into loss operations for tax purposes, but little did I suspect the true heart warming reasons behind the insanity.
In the same week that General Electric announced its Ecomagination campaign aimed at reducing pollutants from GE products and facilities, The New York Times today said it would launch its own green initiative dubbed 'Ecojournalism'.
While today marks the public launch of 'Ecojournalism', a spokesman for the Times said the paper had quietly begun rolling out the program during the past several years.

A key step in this plan is:

Reducing journalistic credibility to make substantial cuts in circulation, resulting in conservation of tons of newsprint paper.

Oh they have succeeded in this one alright. And if they keep at it, they'll qualify for protection under the Endangered Species Act.

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