Sunday, May 22, 2005

Discrimination from the Left

Why is it that the Dems constantly claim to be the "party of the oppressed" i.e. the minorities & women, but when a woman or a minority of conservative ideology happens to come along they attack this person with a passion? Remember the way they hounded Linda Chavez? The attempted lynching of Dr. Condeleeza Rice during her hearings? And what about Miguel Estrada? Is it because it puts a kink in their arguments & threatens them to their very core? Looks like it, because they are beginning to act like a cornered animal, baring it's fangs & claws for the last desperate fight.
Any woman or minority who refuses to toe the victim line is immediately besieged by the MSM & the establishment. But, thankfully these courageous men & women cannot be kept down & fight to earn the positions they deserve.
One of the latest examples is Judge Priscilla Owen. She is a truly remarkable person, in her law school, Baylor, she finished third in her class, was the best scoring candidate in the state on the Texas bar exam in 1977, and has earned the highest rating from the American Bar Association for her performance as a judge on the Texas supreme court. Sounds like the ideal federal judge doesn't she? But the Dems are going all out the block her nomination.
Another example is Judge Janice Brown who is black, & hails from sharecroppers in segregated Alabama. She is a single mother who worked her way through law school upon the death of her first husband. Her decisions, which prevent small businesses from drowning in the welfare state, as well as her convictions that,
[d]iscrimination on the basis of race is illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, inherently wrong, and destructive of democratic society
as well as her support of Proposition 209, have made her a target of liberal attacks.
We must work harder to make sure that all women & minorities, even conservatives are allowed to achieve the American Dream.

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