Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Disappointing Dubya

Sad to say, but La Shawn Barber has said what I think a lot of conservatives have on their mind right now. Dubya let us down. His immigration policy & spending is unforgivable. We cut him a lot of slack during the first term, but now that he's got his second term & he's not the man we thought he was.

His "reign" has been disappointing. He squandered four years trying to “compromise” with hard-headed liberals, although Republicans dominate all three branches of government. At first I thought he was playing it cool, lying in wait until he won his second term, at which time he’d turn up the heat and play hard-ball right down the line. But he hasn’t.

He has failed to aggressively handle the MSM in the same way that Clinton did. I don't believe that we should resort to the dirty intimidation tactics of the Dems, but at least let's set the record straight. Use your bully pulpit Mr. President, you are the democratically elected leader of this country.

While the media attacks, he should be running an anti-media campaign and come out swinging, pushing his agenda the same way Democrats would if they were in the majority. But he hasn’t. He seems intimidated by the media even as leftist journalists are being exposed as the not-so-covert Democratic operatives they are. Instead of vehemently defending and supporting his judicial nominees, for example, he lets them blow in the wind as rabid demagogues compare them to Nazis.

Oh the immigration issue! When I first heard about the guest worker program, I couldn't understand how a conservative President, in a time of war, would even dream of such a program. I understand the need to reach out to Hispanics & to change the image of the racist Republicans in the MSM, but is this the way to do it? There are lots of better approaches. For one thing, give prominence to Hispanic & other minority Republicans who are against illegal immigration. They are out there, even the NYT has noticed. Why hasn't Mr. Vasquez's courage applauded? We can easily fight the MSM picture that anti-illegal immigration is anti-immigation & racist. We have people like John Derbyshire & Michelle Malkin, immigrants who oppose illegals & can make the case for doing so very eloquently. For goodness sake, have some guts Mr. President!

And illegal immigration. What more can I say about that? A president who defines himself by the “war on terror” clearly has no regard for security breaches in his own country as Middle Eastern men jump the border along with Mexicans. Men and women are dying on foreign soil, leaving behind orphans, widows and widowers, too little is being done on our own soil to stop human trafficking.
While we dopes are being felt up at the airport and our personal items rifled through, illegal aliens are downstairs working on the airplanes! Some of those “Mexicans” are probably Arab terrorists. Who knows? I guess we’ll just have to wait for another plane-missile before we know for sure.
Thanks to George Bush and his drunken-sailor spending, I can’t even brag about the “small government” Republican party anymore. As he tries in vain to appeal to moderates (For what reason?), he’s playing it too close to the middle. But I suppose he’s worried about his legacy, trying to maintain some misguided “spirit of cooperation.” The people who elected him to office did so for a purpose: to push the conservative agenda. So far that purpose has been subverted. As a result, George Bush is ineffective.

If only he remembered that "a bird in the hand in worth two in the bush" (no pun intended) & served his supporters during his second term insted of bending over backwards to please people who will never like him, no matter what he does, he just might have had a legacy.

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